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A trusted data platform that enables aggregators to seamlessly participate with smaller flexibility devices in electricity balancing markets across Europe while allowing the market to operate within grid limits.

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The CBP Product

The CBP is a blockchain-based system to share relevant information between the participating parties in a transaction – such as TSOs, DSOs, Aggregators and data providers – in a trusted and secured way. The CBP facilitates the standardised registration, bidding and activation of flexibility transactions from aggregators of distributed energy resources (DERs). The CBP enables the proof of delivery of flexibility transactions, while allowing the market to operate within grid limits.

System operators

The national Transmission System Operators (TSOs) and the Distribution System Operators (DSOs) are tasked with ensuring security of supply, so that power is available to everyone at the flick of a switch. This is becoming increasingly complex with the transition to renewable energy, given the unpredictable nature of renewables. At the same time, electricity consumption is changing, due to growing demand from electric vehicles (EVs), heat pumps, and other consumer-based devices. In addition, flexible power is being offered by small and diverse consumer-owned storage devices and EVs.


Validation Data Providers

To validate these small, diverse energy transactions, we rely on data provided by independent third parties, like original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of home batteries and EVs, charge point operators (CPOs), and other internet of things (IoT) devices, such as smart meters. The energy transactions are validated through the CBP, enabling the flexibility provision from small and diverse consumer devices, such as EVs and small batteries.


Pooling distributed flexibility

Aggregators are key to how energy from small and diverse resources is stored, optimised and fed into the grid. Owners of consumer devices or EVs, for example, can make money selling the excess electricity they generate via an aggregator, giving them an active role in grid-balancing and the broader energy transition. As a market player, the aggregator can help stabilise the electricity system.

For aggregator

Equigy: Powering the energy transition

Equigy efficiently unlocks balancing markets for aggregators, fostering European standardization and ensuring quality of supply. We guarantee trust and transparency for all market participants, ensuring seamless and reliable interactions. Via one Common Frontdoor, Equigy aims to provide access to multiple balancing and redispatch markets in multiple countries in an easy and standardized way. This lowers the TCO for aggregators and improves TSO market liquidity, leading to more capacity at the right price.

The numbers


IEA forecasts suggest that by 2030 the V2G potential at peak capacity in Europe will be >160GW


Current Heat Pump stock of 14.9 million units represents 521 GW of storage capacity


Today, there are more than 4 million EVs on the road across Europe


How it works

A secure data layer to harness the power of flexible consumer-based assets for grid-balancing.

Tens of thousands of transactions

To address fundamental changes to the energy system, and create flexibility, aggregators can now offer flexibility from small and diverse energy sources. These are gathered from EVs, heat pumps, and other consumer-based devices. Of course, small-scale flexibility resources are more difficult to manage in the electricity system, as it requires tens of thousands of transactions. This is where Equigy comes in.


Equigy helps the TSOs and the DSOs validate the energy transactions, keeping secure track of them, and providing transparency and trust. It also offers the necessary visibility on the asset level for TSOs and DSOs to coordinate their actions and avoid issues in the local grid. The platform facilitates data exchange between stakeholders, and brings new players and technologies into the electricity value chain.


The transactions are validated based on data provided by independent third parties, such as OEMs of home batteries and EVs as well as by IoT devices such as smart meters and charging points. This allows consumers to be financially rewarded for their flexible battery capacity. Aggregators are key market players, facilitating this process and so helping to stabilise the electricity system.


Equigy works together with national Transmission System Operators to implement the CBP in each country according to the needs of their market.
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