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Equigy crowd balancing platform presented to Mrs Kadri Simson, the EU commissioner of Energy.

On October 13, CEO’s and seniorexecutives from Swissgrid, Terna, TenneT and Equigy presented the Equigy crowd balancing platform to Mrs Kadri Simson,the EU commissioner of Energy. The platform will facilitate the Energy Transition by unlockingdistributedflexibilities in the energy balancing markets throughoutEurope. In the meeting, some potential challenges were discussed thathave to be overcome t…

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TenneT Netherlands Market Parties Webinar on Equigy

TenneT hosted a successful webinar to help Dutch market parties understand how they can participate in the Dutch balancing markets, using Equigy’s platform. Following a number of successful implementations in the Netherlands, the Dutch TSO now intends to scale up the service in the first quarter of 2021.   WATCH THE WEBINAR HERE

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Equigy addressing the regulatory obstacles for unlocking the full distributed flexibility potential

In this paper, Equigy addresses the key regulatory changes needed to scale up the use of distributed flexibility sources in the balancing markets. Equigy’s founding TSOs drafted this white paper in close collaboration with European industry. Equigy and its shareholding TSOs will together push for new regulatory and legal measures, aimed at attracting more distributed flexibility sources into the b…

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Equigy launched with a bang on 23 April 2020

Throughout Europe, the news was enthusiastically covered by hundreds of news outlets, including leading media such as Bloomberg, Reuters, NOS Journaal, Handelsblatt and Agefi. Rene Kerkmeester, programme director for Equigy, was thrilled with the attention for the platform.   “Equigy is a step forward for the energy transition and everyone can be part of it. It’s great that word is spreading!…

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European TSOs platform unlocks flexibility of consumer-based devices, electric vehicles

In an important step forward for the energy transition, some of Europe’s biggest Transmission System Operators (TSOs) are collaborating on a new blockchain-based platform, enabling the integration of small and distributed consumer-based units into the electricity-balancing process. Owners of consumer devices, electric vehicles for example, can earn money making “flexible” their interaction with th…

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