Equigy: powered by blockchain

As Equigy involves multiple small transactions, it requires a secure and scalable solution that ensures trust and transparency between all participants.

How it works

A secure data layer to harness the power of flexible consumer-based assets for grid-balancing.

Tens of thousands of transactions

To address fundamental changes to the energy system, and to create flexibility, aggregators can now offer flexibility from small and diverse energy sources. These are gathered from electric cars, heat pumps, and other consumer-based devices. Of course, small-scale flexibility resources are more difficult to manage in the electricity system, as it requires tens of thousands of transactions. This is where Equigy comes in.


Equigy uses blockchain technology to register and validate these energy transactions. It allows TSOs to track them in a secure and immutable ledger by making the flexible capacity of home-storage devices visible. The platform facilitates data exchange between stakeholders, and brings new players and technologies into the electricity value chain.

Consumer centric

The transactions are validated based on data provided by OEMs of home batteries and electric vehicles, for example, as well as by Internet of Things devices such as smart meters and charging points, allowing consumers to be financially rewarded for their flexible battery capacity. Aggregators are key market players, facilitating this process and so helping to stabilise the electricity system.

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