Moving towards a TSO 2.0 operating model

April, 2020

Terna is increasingly committed to establish an Open Innovation framework to investigate the potential of new flexibility resources and move to a TSO 2.0 operating model. In this context Terna and FCA have joined forces to push forward the integration of mobility and energy sectors. The collaboration is aimed at jointly testing mobility services and technologies such as Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) that allows electric vehicles to actively interact with the electricity grid.


The partnership will deliver, at Terna facilities, a dedicated E-mobility Lab, an innovative technology testing infrastructure that will assess electric vehicles’ performance and capacity when used for flexibility services provision. The Lab will allow to test several charging stations simultaneously with a plug-and-play approach involving as many charging solutions providers as possible.

A live experimental demonstration fleet will also be used at FCA Mirafiori industrial complex to investigate the feasibility and barriers of an EVs based virtual power plant. Starting with 64 EVs the fleet will be gradually scaled up to 700 for an equivalent power of 25 MW.

“Smart charging management models and protocols will enable it to shift from threat to opportunity for grid stabilization.”

The two projects aim to establish a development ecosystem for innovations in the fields of vehicle technology, charging solutions, protocols and generally to push the industry a step ahead in terms of standardization.

The continuous deployment of charging infrastructure and the fast growing E-mobility market will determine in the medium to long term an increasing power demand in specific timeframes. Smart charging management models and protocols will enable it to shift from threat to opportunity for grid stabilization. EVs will be able to provide grid services while generating additional value for the assets owners thus reducing the Total Cost of Ownership.

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