Nissan contributes to sustainable energy and mobility

April, 2020

TenneT, Nissan and energy company Envision have joined forces for a new step in making mobility and energy more sustainable. As part of the partnership, Nissan will install bi-directional chargers, implement smart charging and store energy in recycled batteries at its Amsterdam facility. All of these features are integrated into Envision Digital’s platform, EnOS.

Bi-directional charging enables electric vehicles to receive electrical energy for the high-voltage battery when connected to a specially designed charging station or wall box and also feed it back into the power supply in the opposite direction.

Thanks to the installed solar panels with a capacity of 3 MW on the roof of the Nissan Motor Parts Center in Amsterdam, electric cars and stationary batteries can store energy during peaks in generation and deliver this energy back to the electricity grid during peaks in the energy demand.

“With an app, the driver can indicate when and how much energy the battery can return and when the car needs to be recharged.”

To deliver energy back, the electric Nissan must be connected to a bi-directional charging station that converts the direct current in the battery into alternating current for the grid. With an app, the driver can indicate when and how much energy the battery can return and when the car needs to be recharged.

As part of the new V2X project, Nissan Netherlands has commissioned a charging station with two bi-directional charging stations that can charge and discharge up to 10 kW.

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“Flexible and sustainable energy management is one of the cornerstones of the collaboration between Nissan and the Crowd Balancing Platform. Most importantly, the system ensures that the electric vehicles owners are in full control and manages their energy storage or utilization. This enables to balance the grid efficiently and in the most profitable way. Nissan is pleased to see this platform rapidly scaling across Europe through this TSO collaboration of TenneT, Swissgrid and Terna.”

– Francisco Carranza, Managing Director Nissan Energy

Contact details TenneT, for both the Netherlands and Germany:

Axel Kießling, TenneT Netherlands and Germany

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Swissgrid AG
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T: +41 58 580 21 11

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Terna S.p.A. - Rete Elettrica Nazionale
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