Post Crowd balancing, Regulation, Standardisation November 15, 2023

Equigy’s response to the consultation on the Network Code on Demand Response

On 9 March 2023, the EU Commission invited DSO Entity and ENTSO-E to submit a proposal to ACER for the Network Code on Demand Response (NC DR).  A first draft of the Regulation was published for consultation on 29 Sep 2023. The draft NC DR establishes a set of rules and requirements enabling the participation of demand response and distributed resources into the energy markets.

Equigy welcomes the NC DR, as it reduces undue barriers for the participation of these resources to the energy markets and establishes clear and streamlined processes, roles and responsibilities. In particular, Equigy supports the harmonisation of processes for prequalification of standard balancing products, as well as the simplification proposed in cases where Service Providing Groups (SPGs) or Service Providing Units (SPUs) consist only of small Controllable Units (CUs) or standardized devices as controllable units.

Furthermore, Equigy welcomes the establishment of a common front door at MS level, since this would lead to simplification for the Service Providers. This is in line with Equigy’s current approach to create standardized single interfaces to TSO markets for flex registration, bidding, activation and measurements. However, Equigy believes that the Draft Regulation could be even more ambitious, by further standardising and simplifying some of the proposed processes.

Here is the original piece to which Equigy responds

Original document

The full Equigy’s response to the consultation can be downloaded at this link

Equigy’s full response

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