On October 13, CEO‘s and senior executives from Swissgrid, Terna, TenneT and Equigy presented the Equigy crowd balancing platform to Mrs Kadri Simson, the EU commissioner of Energy.

The platform will facilitate the Energy Transition by unlocking distributed flexibilities in the energy balancing markets throughoutEurope. In the meeting, some potential challenges were discussed that have to be overcome to enable the adoption of these new flexibilities. TheCommissioner was pleased with the progress made and the future role consumers can play in a more decentralised energy market setting.

For details on the regulatory requirements for the successful roll out of the Equigy platform across Europe, click here.

Contact details TenneT, for both the Netherlands and Germany:

Axel Kießling, TenneT Netherlands and Germany

TenneT Germany
Bernecker Strasse 70
95448 Bayreuth

TenneT Netherlands
Utrechtseweg 310
6812 AR Arnhem

E: equigy@tennet.eu

Website Tennet

Contact details Swissgrid:

Swissgrid AG
Evangelos Vrettos

Bleichemattstrasse 31
P.O. Box
5001 Aarau

T: +41 58 580 21 11
E: equigy@swissgrid.ch

Website Swissgrid

Contact details Terna:

Terna S.p.A. - Rete Elettrica Nazionale
Roma - Viale Egidio Galbani, 70 - 00156

T: +39 06 8313 8111

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Contact details APG:

Austrian Power Grid AG
Wagramer Straße 19 (IZD Tower)
1220 Vienna

T: +43 (0) 5032 0161

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