Equigy harnesses the power of small and diverse consumer-based devices

Equigy helps balance the grid and ensure security of supply for the energy transition. It uses blockchain technology to access, via aggregators, new sources of electricity from the owners of consumer-based devices.

The platform

Fast-changing supply and demand in the energy world

The energy system is changing. Modern electricity supply now operates on renewables for significant periods of time, making the system increasingly volatile. We need new sources of flexibility to balance the grid. Many TSOs have traditionally relied on fossil fuels for this. At the same time, energy consumption is also changing, as demand from electric cars, heat-pumps and other consumer-based devices grows. As supply becomes more difficult to control, TSOs are turning to demand to achieve flexibility. But small-scale flexibility resources are more difficult to manage in the electricity system. This is where Equigy comes in.

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“Ensuring a cost-effective solution for balancing the grid is one of the greatest challenges to achieve the objectives of the EU's Green Deal. Without such solutions , curtailment risks to be the default option during peak renewable electricity production periods. This innovative, technology driven solution, will provide daily balancing at very little cost and will avoid the need to build huge dedicated battery capacity which will be unused for the vast majority of the time. It is a vital part of the EU's energy future.”

- Christopher Jones, Part-time Professor of Energy Law, EUI; former Deputy Director-General for energy, European Commission.

“We are delighted with this initiative from Transmission System Operators to unlock flexibility from electric vehicles, allowing thus the EVs to contribute even more to the energy transition. The increasing flexibility also provides an opportunity for the EV ecosystem to achieve the best TCO for our customers.”

- Yasmine Assef, Program Director Energy New Business of Groupe Renault

“The future of the energy transition is customer-centric and decentralized. That is why we are delighted to see a platform like Equigy, where customers, aggregators and OEM’s can generate revenues while doing the right thing for the electricity system as a whole.”

- Jean Baptiste Cornefert, Managing Director sonnen eServices

“We see this TSO initiative as a great opportunity to unlock flexibility from small, decentralized devices such as electric vehicles and heat pumps. This important collaboration will really help reduce reliance on fossil fuels and boost the energy transition in Europe whilst providing new business opportunities.”

- Fardau van der Galiën, Head of electric mobility Vandebron

“Flexible and sustainable energy management is one of the cornerstones of the collaboration between Nissan and the Crowd Balancing Platform. Most importantly, the system ensures that the electric vehicles owners are in full control and manages their energy storage or utilization. This enables to balance the grid efficiently and in the most profitable way. Nissan is pleased to see this platform rapidly scaling across Europe through this TSO collaboration of TenneT, Swissgrid and Terna.”

- Francisco Carranza, Managing Director Nissan Energy

“The energy transition is driving energy market participants to come together in new ways, and this initiative is a perfect example of the potential available from collaboration. Blockchain, coupled with other exponential technologies, will be essential to these platforms, empowering consumer participation and enabling the new business models that we’ll need as we make the transition to net zero. We are happy to support this great initiative from day one.”

- Phil Spring, VP, Energy, Environment & Utilities, IBM Europe

“This important collaboration will significantly help to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels, reduce CO2 intense energy production, avoid curtailment of renewable energy and increase the integration of intermittent renewable energy. By thus the energy transition as well as the growth of electric mobility in Europe will be boosted whilst providing commercial opportunity for aggregators and car manufacturers and cheaper electric vehicle usage for end customers.”

- Marcus Fendt, Managing Director at The Mobility House

“Scholt Energy has gained a great deal of experience in recent years in the field of energy storage and smart management of supply and demand. Together with our large business customers, who have flexibility in their power consumption, we want to contribute to the energy transition while at the same time creating an extra revenue model for these customers.”

- Rob van Gennip, CEO Scholt Energy

powered by blockchain

As Equigy involves multiple small transactions, it requires a secure and scalable solution that ensures trust and transparency between all participants.

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